Reknown specializes in marketing for hotels, hospitality & travel tech.
We can manage all or part of your marketing program remotely.
We'll even fill in as a temporary or part-time head of marketing.

Strategy & Execution

Let us research and write your marketing plan, source suppliers and manage the myriad of details required to maintain an active digital presence.

Brand Messaging & Communications

We'll articulate your brand story, positioning and core messaging in ways that capture the imagination and stand out from competitors.

Content Marketing

Nurture prospects along the path to purchase and drive client engagement and renewals with professionally written articles, blogs, guides, reports, case studies and webinars.

Writing & Editing

Whether it’s an industry trend or complex technology, we'll explain it clearly and concisely, ensuring it captures attention, builds trust and inspires action.

Product Marketing

Stand out from competitors and generate demand for your products and services with powerful web copy, marketing collateral and presentations.

Reputation Management

Leverage the power of five-star reviews to build trust, advocacy and conversions with a reputation audit, strategic plan, guidelines and training.

"I would have written a shorter letter,
but I did not have the time."
Blaise Pascal
French Philosopher


At Reknown our hotel and travel tech marketing services deliver results,
on time and on budget. It's why our clients keep coming back.

Shiji Report - Guest Experience - Reknown Marketing"
IDeaS Ebook - Dynamic Pricing - Reknown Marketing"
Cloudbeds Book - Hospitality Trends - Reknown Marketing"
Versante Hotel - Marketing Plan - Reknown Marketing"
Cloudbeds Report 2023 Independent Lodging Trends - Reknown Marketing"
HotStats Marketing Plan - Reknown Marketing"


Reknown provides marketing strategy and services to hotels,
travel tech vendors and tourism organizations around the world.