Our Next Webinar Is About Taking Control of OTA Business

Webinar - Optimizing Your Hotel's OTA Strategy ReviewPro Reknown 2
As more hotel companies devise strategies for attracting direct business away from online travel agencies, one thing remains clear: OTAs will continue to play an important role in the channel mix.

In my next webinar with ReviewPro, Optimizing Your Hotel’s OTA Strategy, instead of the usual OTA-bashing being undertaken in the hotel industry, we’ll focus on how to get OTA business working for your hotel.

Topics include:

1. The Role of OTAs in Hotel Marketing

2. Costs of Acquisition & Channel Mix

3. Negotiating with OTAs

4. Optimizing Your OTA Presence

5. Converting OTA Guests to Direct Bookers

6. Managing Reviews on OTAs

Webinar - Optimizing Your Hotel's OTA Strategy ReviewPro Reknown

We’re excited to announce a panel of seasoned travel industry experts: Cindy Estis Green, CEO and Co-founder, Kalibri Labs; Max Starkov, President & CEO, HeBS Digital; and RJ Friedlander, Founder & CEO of ReviewPro. This is a rare opportunity to hear these respected industry veterans share their top tips and strategies.

Click here to register today.

Hope to see you there! If you miss it, you will be able to view the recorded webinar on demand by visiting ReviewPro’s Resource Hub.


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