Making Sense of Big Data for Hotels

Big Data for Hotels - Reknown Travel MarketingBy Daniel E. Craig

“Big Data” is a hot topic in the travel industry today. It refers to the massive amounts of digital information available to businesses today to help them identify patterns, trends and associations and make smarter decisions.

Big Data is particularly relevant to the travel industry. Everywhere they go, travelers leave digital data trails, providing opportunities for hotels and travel businesses to gain insight into behavior and preferences, to predict future behavior, and to personalize marketing activities and the guest experience.

In my next webinar with ReviewPro, we’ll be tackling this topic with a special focus on three areas: marketing data, revenue data and review data. We’ll explain what Big Data is, why it’s important to hotels, the tools available, and how you can use data to optimize guest satisfaction, revenue, expenditures and profitability.

ReviewPro - Reknown Webinar Panelists - Big Data for HotelsOur special guest panelists are Paolo Torchio, VP, Product Management and Consulting at Sabre Hospitality Solutions, Martin Soler, Chief Marketing Officer, SnapShot, and Fiona Gillen, VP Marketing at ReviewPro.

This free webinar is on Tuesday, November 24, 2015 at 8:00 am PST, 11:00 am EST and 5:00 pm CET.

Click here to register. Hope to see you there!


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