Hotel Management: Never a dull moment

So. A hotel manager’s blog. Maybe a first in the industry, likely not the last. This blog is inspired by a series of columns I wrote in the National Post about the daily life of a hotel manager. There is an enormous amount of interest in the behind-the-scenes workings of luxury hotels. Or so I like to think. Truth is, I’m not sure if anyone actually read my columns. Even friends and family are a bit vague when asked.

Without a doubt, hotels can be fascinating places. Things are rarely as calm and dignified in the “back of the house” as they are in the “front of the house”. It’s an ideal setting for a reality TV show. In fact, Opus participated in one a while back called Crash Test Mommy. The premise: harried mother with lots of bratty kids switches lives with childless friend. Mom checks into luxury hotel for weekend of pampering while “friend” checks into her home for weekend of Kids Gone Wild.

I made a cameo appearance as the obsequious hotel manager in one episode, and my entire belief system was shattered when I discovered that “reality” TV involves a lot more acting than reality. A scene in which I toured the ecstatic mother through her penthouse suite had to be reshot repeatedly because I kept flubbing my lines. After the suite scene, we went back and staged the arrival scene. Due to a staff shortage I had to sub in as the chauffeur. Mom played it up for the camera as we pulled up, oohing and aahing as though it were her first look at Opus and we hadn’t just spent hours filming inside. I accidentally drove the hotel car onto the sidewalk, almost taking out a bellman. That was the end of my reality TV career.

I’d like to say there’s never a dull moment when you’re in charge of a luxury hotel. But, sadly, there are lots of dull moments. But not to worry, in this blog I’ll take Stephen King’s advice to writers: I’ll leave out the boring parts. I’ll focus on daily challenges and rewards of running a hotel, on some of the more unusual situations I’ve encountered, and, yes, on some of my most humiliating experiences. Who knows, I might even dish some dirt. But I’ll always protect the privacy of our guests, which is paramount. Oh, and I promise to be a blogger, not a flogger – I’ll keep Opus propaganda to a minimum. The hotel’s track record speaks for itself.

I hope you enjoy.
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Cathy said…
The premise: harried mother with lots of bratty kids switches lives with childless friend. Hi there! I was on Crash Test Mommy. Season 1, Episode 4. I think my kids were far from bratty, but they were a handful! I got to stay at a different hotel than yours.
1:01 AM

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